“A wealth of knowledge.”

Lisa's wealth of knowledge about the lymphatic system and her work preventing Lymphedema and other complications post cancer treatment is beyond impressive. This level of mastery in combination with her caring and emphatic nature made her an integral part of my mom, Laura Ziskin's 7 year treatment for stage 4 breast cancer. With Lisa's help, my mother was able to live through her seven years of treatment with ease and minimal complications. In addition, Lisa's presence made her an important part of our family's support system. My mom was indebted to Lisa for her extraordinary help and care. Lisa has also been an invaluable resource for me in my own self-care. She is knowledgeable, loving and simply the best!

— Julia Barry, Psychologist, MFT

“Lisa was vital to my healing!”

For the past 9 years Lisa has been a wonderful calming and healing force in my recovery from breast cancer. She helped me through chemotherapy, radiation and seven surgeries. Because I had most of my lymph nodes under my left arm removed, I was at high risk for developing Lymphedema. With Lisa's care and expertise I haven't had an issue and in fact not only have I fully recovered, but I am thriving. I am so thankful I found her. She was vital to my healing and continues to play a key role in helping me maintain my health today.

— Aviva K., Philanthropist, Los Angeles, CA

Lisa came into my life when breast cancer was a possible genetic risk. Post-surgery she aided me with her foundation in healing with lymphatic knowledge. She is not only a sage with her lymphatic technique, but demonstrates exceptional results. Lisa is highly intuitive and a delight to be with.

— Bridget Keller, Philanthropist, Los Angeles, CA


"My puffiness improved dramatically”

I began seeing Lisa while I was receiving chemotherapy for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2005. When I first saw her I felt terrible from the drugs and puffy from the lymph pooling around my surgery site and other places. Like many chemo patients I was developing neuropathy in my hands and feet. Even in my first session with Lisa the puffiness improved dramatically. Also, my neuropathy disappeared quickly and has not returned. After seeing Lisa I always feel much better, less toxic from the chemo. I still come in for maintenance when I get swollen. I finished chemo long ago but I know I could have been stuck with numb hands and feet and lymphedema if it weren't Lisa. 

— T.C., Film Composer, Hollywood, CA

"Her work is both gentle and powerful"

Lymphatic drainage was new to me 6 months ago and has quickly become essential to my self-care routine. Lisa's understanding of the lymphatic system is immense, and her work is both gentle and powerful. When I first came to her I was suffered from eczema. I am amazed at how quickly and profoundly her treatments worked. It's been miraculous, really. I highly recommend Lisa for both her expertise and healing hands to anyone looking to enhance their health and immunity." 

-Michelle Goldstein, Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles, CA


“A lymphatic expert.”

Lisa's superior lymphatic technique helps people immediately post surgery and those who have lived with Lymphedema for years. Professionally, they don't come any better than Lisa. She is top of the list, a lymphatic expert. Her results are effective and her technique is exceptional. She places the well being of the patient above everything else. Lisa adds another dimension to her treatments, the healing spirit. She has an intuitive sense which she brings to every session. Lisa has magic, golden hands. It is under her method that I have been capable of experiencing complete relaxation and total peace.

— P.S., Medical Industry, Los Angeles, CA


"I completely credit my lack of swelling and overall wellness to Lisa's treatments."

I started seeing Lisa seven years after I underwent a radical double mastectomy. Lisa worked with me twice a week for the first 6 weeks. Within a week of her point-on-therapy, along with a simple, detailed explanation of exactly what was going on with my shocked lymphatic system, I could move my arm and the swelling was manageable. After 6 weeks my arm felt nearly normal. She continued to treat me regularly for the first year after surgery (doubling up again after my implant surgery). Since then Lisa has helped me through an episode where my hand swelled so much I couldn't hold a pencil. Lisa is skilled in lymphedema bandaging and instructions on compression sleeves, gloves. I've seen Lisa periodically for tune-ups after long plane flights. Her advice is sound and sane and I always feel like a human again after her treatments. I completely credit my lack of swelling, excellent mobility and overall wellness to Lisa's treatments."

-Marnie Aulabaugh, Graphic designer, Los Angeles, CA


"Lisa patiently taught my 82 year old mother"

My 82 year old mother had lymphedema in one leg effecting her foot and ankle. She absolutely adores Lisa, who made great progress with her where others had failed. And Lisa has a beautiful personality. She very patiently taught my mom how to wrap her foot and leg at night to keep the swelling from returning. I give her my highest recommendation.

S.C., Classical musician, Los Angeles, CA

"Relieves inflammation, hormonal imbalances & digestion."

Lisa's lymphatic treatments are amazing. The work is subtle, but so deep and utterly relaxing. I felt the effects immediately and know how important it is to keep the lymph flowing for optimal health. This is excellent to relieve inflammation, hormonal imbalances and digestive issues, etc. I highly recommend her work.

-Seane Corn, Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles, CA


“My Oncologist referred me to Lisa”

Approximately 5 years ago I had a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Since I had 16 lymph nodes removed my oncologist referred me to Lisa. I had treatments with her once every 3-4 weeks. This stopped my lymphedema from occurring. Her treatment is wonderful as is Lisa herself, leaving me without any other physical problems. Thank you, Lisa.


— Joyce Greenstein, Mother, Grandmother, Los Angeles, CA


"The relief I felt was amazing."

I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in my left breast. I had a lumpectomy and many lymph nodes removed under my armpit. I started seeing Lisa after 36 rounds of radiation. I had started to feel numbness and swelling in my arm and back on my left side. The relief I felt was amazing. It takes some time to feel normal again. After working with Lisa, I continue to have a normal, comfortable, productive life. I look forward to my maintenance treatments with Lisa which sustain my ability to feel agile and keep it all in check. Lisa is magic and so knowledgeable and a great cheerleader for women healing from breast cancer!

-C.A., Producer, Los Angeles, CA

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