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Manual Lymphatic Drainage
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Lymphatic drainage can help boost your immune system. Whether you are invested in maintaining your health, going through cancer treatment, plastic surgery or recovering from an injury, studies show MLD aids in your healing process. Lisa and her team are available to bring MLD to your spa or clinic. Protocols designed cultivate the lymphatic-immune connection.

Anti-Inflammation Treatments


Designed to reduce inflammation in your body, Manual Lymphatic Drainage circulates immune cells through your body. We follow the intricate pathways of lymphatic vessels and ducts towards lymph nodes, creating a wave like sensation. The specific pumping stokes of MLD increases the absorption and transportation of excess fluid which flushes toxins from your tissues. This gentle treatment is deeply therapeutic, as it boosts your immune response while balancing your nervous system.

Lisa’s touch is healing and therapeutic and grounded in science. She brings her generous heart and kind spirit to every session. I think of Lisa as an essential part of my cancer fighting team.
— E.M., Screenwriter & Producer, Los Angeles, CA

Our Mission:

We developed The Lymphatic Message because we value health and wellness. Our company educates and builds awareness on the importance of the lymphatic system in maintaining immunity.

Our purpose is to provide concrete methods to enhance your lymphatic health. We do this by bringing lymphatic programs to spas and individuals across the country. We have seen the results. Our methods improve health and help people cultivate a vibrant life.

There are continual advances in the field of lymphatic science. We strive to ignite your interest in this self-cleansing system. Come learn with us as we post articles and share our pro-tips ranging from self-care and supplements to finding qualified practitioners who are properly trained in your area.

We are The Lymphatic Message - building a new generation of lymphatic health experts.

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