Resource: Lymphatic Education & Action Network

World Lymphedema Day is March 6!

Kathy Bates has been vocal about her struggle with Lymphedema since her cancer recovery. She is the spokesperson for the Lymphedema, Education and Action Network, an organization which brings awareness to the battle against Lymphedema.  Today, I'd like to introduce you to the LE&RN organization. Not only are their members on the cutting edge of scientific breakthroughs, they are educating the world on the "lymphedemic" issues around the globe and taking action on solving them.

LE&RN's mission is see a world without lymphatic disease and lymphedema.
The organization raise awareness and grants for continued research, clinical trials and advancements in the field of lymphology. If you or someone you know has, or is at risk of developing lymphedema, then please direct them to LE&RN's website. They live-stream symposiums, publish journals on lymphatic research, and have features where you can Ask An Expert questions.

Finding answers and advocacy forums online can be daunting- so I always steer my clients to  this non-profit where I know they will be in trusted hands.

Join Judi Dench, Steve Ruttenberg, Andy Cohen and Patricia Clarkson as ambassadors for LE&RN.

To learn more, become a member, sign their petition and donate.