Dry-Bushing for your health

Dry-brushing is a simple, affordable way to boost your lymph system. It helps eliminate toxic build up on the surface of the skin and increases lymphatic drainage. Try it before your shower so you can rinse off any dead cells afterwards. 

Getting Started: Purchase a dry brush with natural bristles. I like one with a long handle, but a handle-less brush will do just fine too.

(Precaution: If you have Lymphedema, or are at risk for developing Lymphedema, please review the proper technique with your lymphatic therapist first. Newly radiated skin is a pre-caution.)

Important -before you start, know the direction you are going to brush. Brush slowly and gently! 

You want to guide your lymph fluid towards the juncture near your heart and collarbone. Your lymph fluid will ultimately return to your bloodstream there, so keep this in mind when you dry-brush. Set your intention to move the bristles towards your heart.

Start at your feet, brush up your legs towards the top of your thigh. Your inguinal lymph nodes are located at the top of your thigh. These inguinal nodes absorb the fluid from your legs. (If you've had cancer and lymph nodes removed in your inguinal nodes, please consult with your lymphatic therapist on whether you should "re-route" your dry brush technique.)

Next, brush your abdomen in a gathering pattern towards your navel, then up your mid-line past your sternum towards your heart.

Brush from your hands up your arm towards your armpit. Your axillary lymph nodes are located in your armpit. They take the fluid from most of your arm, your torso and breasts. 

Brush your breasts gently towards your armpit. (If you've had breast cancer and lymph nodes removed in your armpit, please consult with your lymphatic therapist on whether you should "re-route" your dry brush technique.)

Brushing the back of your torso is easiest if you have the brush with a long handle. The fluid from the back of your torso from your waist up wraps around towards your armpit where your axillary nodes are located.

Brushing your Face and neck- 

Gua-sha tools and specific face brushes are more gentle on the face. You want to roll your tool from your neck downwards towards your collarbone. Then, direct your brush from your face towards your ear on each side. (Think Nose-to-cheek-to ear) Then move from your chin, along your jaw-bone. Repeat the movement from your nose to your ears. Forehead towards your ears. Then move your tool behind your ear, down your neck to the right and left lymphatic ducts which are located just above your collarbone at the base of your neck.

I like the rose-quartz gua-sha tool for face lymph brushing. There are natural face brushes too. If you are enjoying dry-brushing, have a couple tools to switch off on different days. You don't need to get carried away with gadgets here. Keep it simple. This should be enjoyable. Dry-Brushing 3 times a week is a good plan that most people can maintain. Remember, caring for yourself is a form of self-love and self-respect.